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About OFR

Saving Farm Animals 

Hey There!

Kayla and Nick here from Orlando, FL!

Here’s a picture of us at one of our favorite vegan restaurants in Orlando, Dandelion Cafe. =)


Our History

In 2016, Nick and Kayla cuddled up on the couch to watch a documentary that a highly respected friend recommended. 

After watching that film, Nick and Kayla would never look at farm animals in the same way.

They realized that farm animals experience much suffering due to the animal agriculture industry and it was completely unnecessary.

By 2017, Nick and Kayla were vegan and spreading the message about how being vegan is best for people, the environment and the animals.

Kayla was a veterinary technician for years, and always wanted to start a sanctuary/rescue. Nick was a marketing wizard and always helped out with the animals that Kayla would bring home to foster.

So, with their best friend Jené, they are now on a mission to bring a Farm Animal Rescue & Sanctuary to Orlando, FL.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Orlando Farm Rescue mission is to provide rescue, rehabilitation, and sanctuary to farm animals who otherwise would be exploited, abandoned or killed. Our goal is to prevent suffering to animals by educating and inspiring compassionate actions.

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Adopt A Pet

Save a Life

Why Adopt?

You'll Save A Life

Many people get animals (from the pet store or breeders) and then they decide they no longer want the pet.

Millions of healthy pets are euthanized each year in the U.S.A due to no place for them to go.

By adopting a pet, you’ll save a life!

Less Expensive

Spays and Neuters can cost HUNDREDS of dollars.

Along with an exam, first time vaccines and medications… the price can really ad up.

 Adopting a pet can save you money!

You'll Get A Great Pet!

Adopting typically means that the pet has been with a trained foster parent.

They have been socialized and are usually house broken.

You’ll get a great pet, and make room so we can continue to rescue more animals!



Our team

Kayla Wall, LVT

President & Co Founder

Nick Haubner

Co Founder

Shana Elizabeth

Creative Director

Jené Elizabeth, CVT