Thank You For Your Interest In Becoming An OFR Foster Parent

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How Fostering Helps Animals In Need!!!

  • Save an animal’s life!
  • Give them the time and space in a caring home to see that they are loved.
  • Help ease their stress from trauma.
  • Fostering is a great way to experience living with an animal before committing to adoption.

Are You Ready For This???

  • Can you afford the expenses of food, litter, toys, and all the other expenses that come with fostering an animal?
  • Who will watch the animal if you go out of town?
  • We may ask to do a home inspection prior to placing the rabbit to the foster home.
  • Do you have time and space for this foster?

Foster Application

If so, please list their name and age.
If so, please list what species, age, and if they are spayed or neutered.